Saturday, March 26, 2016

Day 26 Slice of Life Classroom Challenge

Day 26!

Author #1
Day 21: Today, we had our usual classes. 1st, we had writing in which we read 2 articles, they were about how zoos effect the animals, and their lifestyle in zoos. Then, we began to write a research bades argument essay. After, we had spanish, so no learning with Ms. Arnold, in spanish we got our test results, and learned the alphabet. Next, instead of math, we finished what we were doing in writing (bonus). Then, we did a special teamwork activity (again, bonus!)  After, we had lunch (no learning, obviously!) Next, we had an assembly, instead of ensemble. (Yet another Bonus!) Lastly, we had social studies, well sort of! (Half bonus!) I had about 4 bonuses today, I think spring break is rolling in 2 days early! I hope tomorrow, is as easy!

Day 22: Bring,Bring,BRING!!!!! Ugh… I moaned. I shut off my alarm, and went back to sleep! Aaaahhh! I thought, now this is warm!  My alarm rang again 5 mins later, same thing happened, then it rang 5 mins later, than 3 mins later! I All right! I’ll get up now!Sheesh! I thought. If you heard my alarm in the morning it is really annoying. Anyway… By that time it was 7:28, I was supposed to wake up, at 7:15! I jumped out from underneath my covers, and dashed through all of my morning chores. I flew down the stairs, and started chanting Spring Break! Spring Break! My mom laughed,  You’re really looking forward to Spring Break, I can see!  Yep! I replied. I went out to the bus stop waited for the bus, and soon started my school day! See you tomorrow!

Day 23: When I woke up this morning it was 9:30, my alarm was ringing. I felt around my bedside table, all I was doing was groping air, then I felt a screen, with my face buried in my pillow, and turned my alarm off. I slept until 10:00 afterwards, and got up, when I opened my room door, there was still that hush around the house there always is in the morning, which means some people were still sleeping. There were my dad and my brother, all of a sudden, I heard the sound of the stove boiling something.  Is mom home? I wondered, isn’t she going to work today? All of a sudden she walked up the stairs while I was thinking, and I asked aren’t you going to work today? She replied,  I haven’t gotten a chance to leave yet, now why don’t you brush, then run on down, and i’ll give you cereal!  Ok I agreed, the rest of the day was pretty much boring.

Day 24: I woke up this morning to the sounding of chatting and something on the stairs and doors closing. I felt like all of these noises were right out side my room. I turned over to look at my window, then turned back to look at the clock on my dresser. I saw the time, 9:15. I started to unravel my blanket+comforter around me, I sat up, rubbed my eyes, looked around… and finally got up, and walked to the door. As I stepped out of my room, this blast of light shined on me, Woh  I said, and stepped back. Good morning Sweetie! My mom cheered. I looked down stairs, Mommmm! You said you were working from home today! I told her grumpily.  I know I did, but I have to go to a meeting. I’ll come back after that! She replied. Fine!! I moaned. 2 mins later, after having said bye to my mom, I trugded to the bathroom, not noticing that my brother was standing right next to the door, pushed him out of the way, and slugged inside. Hey! I was brushing! He complained.  Sorry I really had to go! Here I’m done! I called just starting to put the tooth paste on my tooth brush. I opened the door, while brushing, and my brother came in, he started brushing too. After I was done, I walked to my room, and read, and texted my friends, until my dad called my brother and I down for breakfast.

Author #3
I opened my tablet case as my dog barked in the front hall.  I swiped up from the lock button, but to my surprise, instead of it opening to my home screen, the tablet brought me to a number keypad.  Wait, I have a password?  Oh right, my mom set it for me.  I thought.  I hated when my mom did stuff like that.  Now, what had she set it too?  I called out “Hey mom, what’s the password to my tablet?”
“Ummmm, try your birthday?”  My mom said from the kitchen.  I entered my birthday.  A message popped up on the screen: Wrong pin.  
“That’s not it!”  I called back to my mom.  
“Try the password to your Ipod.”  It didn’t work.
“Not it either!”
“Old password to your Ipod?”
“Then I don’t know.”
“You set it!”  I thought and thought.
“I don’t know, I’ll try and figure it out later.”  I groaned.  I just wish I knew.

Author #4
Day 25:
    Today I’m going to New York with my family. I’m going to have lots of fun with my sisters. We want to visit a museum in new york, or something cool like that. I’m so excited and I can't wait.

Day 24:
    “Mom do you have any of those breakfast sandwiches that you just pop in the oven for like 10 minutes and they're done?” I asked my mom as I stood up from the couch.
    “I think so, you can check the fridge outside,” my mom said. I went outside and came in with a box of turkey patties.
    “Hey mom I think you bought the wrong thing these are just turkey patties not sandwiches, but could I make my own?”
    “Yea just make it for all of us if you make it,” my mom said to me. I got out 4 pieces of bread and but a slice of cheese on them, then put them in my toaster oven. I quickly but the sausage patties to cook than I whipped up some eggs and put them on a buttered pan.
    About 10 minutes later I took out the bread, put a sausage patty on it, than put some of the omelet on it. It was delicious all together.
Day 23:
    “Yay we are in a group together,” Kiran said to me and Nicole. Ms.Arnold's website just put us in a group together for a class activity. Our team wasn't aloud to talk anymore so we just did our own things. “Wait Aarushi I don't think you're aloud to touch anything,” Kiran said to Aarushi.
    “Aarushi’s them just jost their hands,” Ms.Arnold said.
    “Is it okay if i go get us out?” Kiran asked us. We all noded our heads and the game was over.

Day 22:
    Today the grover middle school chamber orchestra performed. I saw lots of people I knew because both of my sisters go to that school. They did a really good job performing. It was really cool. I might want to start orchestra next year if my mom lets me.

Author #5
3/23/16- Break!
The engine of the bus slowed to a stop as I looked down the aisle. Then looked back, watching as kids gathered their stuff to get off the bus. I was eager to get home. It was the last day before spring break, and the warm air that blew in from the windows was really starting to show that it was spring. The bus vibrated under my feet softly as it continued down the road. “Oh no.” I said as I looked ahead. Construction! Now we were going to be even more late! The vehicles passed us, holding my breath as they did so, afraid that they would hit our bus, but they didn’t. Finally after what seemed like two minutes, the bus motor vibrated again, and we were on our way to the second neighborhood.
Tightening my ponytail and loosening my seatbelt, I leaned into the aisle again, pulling my head back as another big group of kids trudged through and stepped off the bus. I groaned. Now that I noticed, it was getting hot in here. I arched my back and fixed my hair again, my legs yearning to get up and go home. But I still had a few more stops before mine. Spring break was going to have to wait!

3/24/16- Just Dance!
    Being at Kylie’s house for the first time was exciting. We were out in her backyard recording dances and tumbles. “You can really tell that I’m a dancer in this one.” I exclaimed, pointing my frozen finger to my phone. The chilly air had put Kylie in gloves and me in my sweatshirt. The wind that blew from the North was really making the day cold, and the sky was gray and uncolored, making it perfect to record. “Can you do this one?” I asked Kylie for the 1,000th time. She took the phone from my grasp. I took my sneakers off and jumped off the porch to the grass. It felt wet and soft under my feet as I scrunched up my toes. “Ready?” Kylie repeated. I nodded, hoping that she would get the message. She tapped the phone and the music started. I lunged into my split, my legs feeling barely a strain from all my years as a dancer. Then I gave into a pirouette, just making up the moves as I go. It didn’t matter if it looked good, it just had to feel good!

Author #10
Today I just got to school and the morning work was to do your slice of life and here is me doing it right now and I think this is my 11 day streak. I am impressed of myself for doing it this far. I think my parents are happy with my score on my math and science test.
Today has been a boring day like the first day when I wrote slice of life! But it is also the tenth day I wrote slice of life. I can't believe I made it this far! Okk… At the bus I had no fun because THE STUPID BUS DRIVER MOVED MY SEAT

Author #11
March 24           
Today was the first day of spring break and everyone was really happy in house especially my brother,he was really happy that he did not need to go to school for the next 10 days we were all enjoying the morning as my dad lext. I had to ask my brother if he wanted to play with me because no one was outside. I was having fun today.   

Author #12
March 22
Today I ate my allergy medicine. Hooray. But apparently my friends got allergy so it wasn’t so good to see them with red eyes. Plus it isn’t pleasant to see red eyed people because they were hurt. At school, we got lots of things done. I got good things on my spanish grades and we were quiet so my teacher was happy. We got to do this thing that wasn’t school related but it was where we got to make things to get the water outside a cage and into the lunch bucket but there were other rules too. That was fun. SO the rest of today was awesome. Yesterday we were getting ready for parcc and we got to move our desks but it was challenging when you are sitting next to people in the class that you don’t know as much. At least our class got seat privileges.

March 23
Today is the last day of school until spring break. I am so happy I get to go on  computer and play minecraft. This is the time for me to shine.    

March 24
Today was a fun day. Justin and I played at our house and we collected sticks. It was really fun. Especially when your friends are there. Also we got some plants, found an abandoned pot in the woods, put wet soil and we put the plant away in the pot and left the plant.

March 25
Today will be a fun day. After yesterday, my mom arranged a playdate with Justin. We will be going outside like yesterday and playing some minecraft on our computers. We are also going to add my friend William and Yuna. All korean people. We will collect sticks outside and inside, we will connect and we will play minecraft. And hopefully I get to troll some people in minecraft.

8:04 PM

We went to william’s house and we got to play videogames for 6 hours. We played minecraft and it was amazing. We got lots of things done. Justin and I. I even got to troll Justin. HAHAHA. In those 6 hours we made a house and got lots of materials. We also fought some mobs.

March 26
We will be going to church to get ready for easter

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Day 22 Slice of Life Classroom Challenge

Author #3
I took four music stands and tried to take them.  I struggled and put them down.  I knew I was only required to take three, but Anushri wasn’t here yet.  I picked two of them up, hoisted them onto one shoulder, then did the same to the other two.  Aileen grabbed three stands, and we were off.  I shifted the stands on my shoulders, making a lot of noise.  I continued on, carrying my heavy burden.  I stumbled, and the stands on my back rattled.  Anushri came walking casually up to us and saw me.  Her face dawned an expression of surprise and quickly took a stand from my shoulders.  I sighed and put my load down.  I was just glad I didn’t have to do this every day.  Thank goodness for child labor laws, eh?

Author #5
3/22/16- Viola Solo
    I filed into the cold cafeteria, along with my peers and other classes. The chatter of many voices filled my ears. I spotted the Grover Orchestra sitting in their assigned seating, getting ready to perform for us. I smiled as I passed the first soloist, thinking This could be me next year! Wow! That’s a crazy thing to think about! I snapped out of thought as they started playing. The sound was beautiful. The bows ran across the strings in sync and it flowed like the ocean. Amazing sound waves floated and lingered in the air until the next note as I sat down on the floor, staring like I had never seen an orchestra before. They’re so good! I mouthed to my friend, Kimberly. She nodded in response, her eyes widening to show that she meant it. Then I tried to scope out the violas, the instrument that I played. Yup. The ones that look like violins, but are playing the harmony. I thought, extending my neck to look at the back. There they were! Violins always got the melody, but like my teacher said, someone will always need a viola! And that’s what gave me my self esteem for orchestra, because it was kind of hard not to get jealous of the violins sometimes.
    As they finished just the first piece, I admired the double-bass that was approaching the front of the room. Probably the next soloist I thought, shrugging. But this was a teacher. And then I noticed something else. A violist stood up from her row, and walked to the stand next to the teacher… OMG! There’s a viola solo! I thought, covering my mouth and smiling. This never happened. We never got solos!
    But then I understood why. This girl was amazing! Her bow moved with the most fluent and smooth motions and her fingers were placed with care on every note. She sounded amazing, but the reason that it was special was because it wasn’t just any solo, it was a viola solo!

Author #9
    Today we were playing a radioactive game in class
Where we had to move the radioactive stuff and we had to put it into a safe environment so did a rubberband grabber and when we would spread out it would open so got it in and we carried it all the way to the environment.

Author #10
Today has been a totally awesome day what happened is that I was playing with vlad and connor when I kept poking arnav in connors made up magic finger domination game!So that was really what happened today and I have no idea why I called it awesome.

Author #12
March 21
Today I didn’t eat my allergy medicine so my eyes were horrible. You should've seen the death I was having even through our teacher was taking it easy on us which was amazing. But if you have the allergies to anything and it effects your face and you body, instead of getting better, it gets worse. And when you rub your eye’s a lot then your eyes get sour and burn when you touch your eyes.  Also your eyes get all sticky which makes your eyes close and shut. Especially when you are sleeping. Anyway it was buring alot.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Day 21 Slice of Life Classroom Challenge

Day 21! We are almost there!

Author #1
Day 18: Today I mostly stayed in the house, and did my piano + cello practice! I also did house chores, then, I was bored, and hadn’t had any excercise at all during the day!:( So…  I called my brother,  Hey, Nalin! You wanna go outside, and play some basketball, since we got no excercise today?
    Yep, that sounds good! He calmly replied.
    K, so, we’ll go outside at 6:30! I announced. I didn’t hear an answer, so I assumed he heard me. Right now, it was 6:15, so.. I had about 15 minutes to kill. I just read, and at 6:25, I came down, and put a light sweatshirt, and shoes, then, called to my brother,  I’ll meet you out! Then, dashed out the door, and into my garage! There, I got the basketball, made the hoop higher, and started playing. My brother came out, and we played for about 45 minutes, then my dad came out and we played some more. That was for about a half hour.

Day 19: Hmmmm.,.. Ok, yes, we’ll be there yes sure! My dad said on the phone this morning, at approximately 10:15 A.M. What!?!  I thought. Not knowing, what my dad, and uncle, were saying was killing me!, I almost pulled my hair out. Yes! I was that curious, practically, hag off the side of my parents bed to know! FINALLY! My dad put down the phone, looked at me, like What?  What were you saying? I asked him, practically screaming.  Ohhhhh, so that’s why you were literally hanging off the bed! My dad figured out. Why else, would I do that? I asked. He shrugged. Anyway… Your fUncle talked about how it is his dog  Kushi’s B-day today! He wanted to invite us to his house around 1, so that we could come over for pizza, to celebrate. He finally told me. This all sounded good, but I still had 1 more question boling inside of me, and I asked it.  Wait, woh,woh,woh,woh! I paused.  Yes? He said. Where’s the pizza from? I asked.  Aljon’s! He answered. Mmmmmmm, I licked my lips, I can’t wait! The pizza was indeed delicious, and that was the highlight of my day!

Day 20: Today was pretty fun in school, and we did, like not much learning. But there was 2 times, when I was biting my nails off. That time was when, I was about to recieve the results of the math test, that I took on Thursday! I looked at my friend Jackie, the same look of fright, shared in our eyes. I reached out my hand, waiting for her to clutch it, at last, she did. My teacher, Ms. Arnold, walked up to the front of the room, and started saying, things about our test, then started to hand them back to us, and Jackie and I shared a look again, but this time, of nervousness, we wanted to get good grades! Obviously! She finally gave us ours, I took 1 look at my test, and beamed, I got a 31.5 out of 33! I looked at Jackie, she had a so-so face, uh oh! I hope she is ok! I thought.Wow! I did pretty well, not perfect, but pretty well! Then I thought about how I would get a 2 point bonus. People get that by on our math choiceboard, instead of earning 15 points, earning 20, or more, and if you do that, you can get either 2 points bonus, on your math test, or a homework pass, I chose the 2 points, just incase, I made a mistake!:) Now, I got 33.5/33. Yeah, and the same thing happened when we got our science test back! Except this time I got a 19.5/20, which is still really well! So today was a good day! I hope it will be like this until thursday! ‘Cause that’s when our spring break starts! Bye for now, and see you tomorrow!

Author #4
Day 21:
“Students, Teachers, and staff, it is now necessary that we begin a lockdown,” I heard coming from the speaker. I speed walked over and sat by the backpacks while Ms.Arnold locked the door, turned off the lights, and put the curtain thingy down. Than Ms.Arnold read all of our names to make sure we were all her.
“Zyem, Panda, Robie, Aashi …., Aarushi,” In the middle of her listing our names someone came up to the door and shook the door knob a little bit. About 1 minute later On the loudspeaker they said.
“Thank you students and staff, this drill is now over,” The woman said. We all stood up and went back to what we were doing.

Author #5
3/21/16- Morning Air
    The cold wind ate at my skin as I ran to my stop on the corner, my hair trailing behind me. My feet hit a crack in the sidewalk, and I sort of stumbled off balance, but regained it quickly. 8:07, I’ll just make it! I thought. I had to catch that bus. I spotted my neighbors, already waiting at the corner. Then I heard it. The quiet sound of the bus motor, echoing around the corner of our street. I ran faster…. I was just going to get there! The engine became even louder. I pumped my arms as the slim yellow figure appeared around the house on the street. I hopped onto the bus and sat down in the first seat. The ride had just started!

Author #9
    Today my friend Panda or Pranav got a meg in soccer but got his leg stepped on so kids in soccer are arguing if it is a foul or not.
    I hung out with my friends all day today and we had so much fun so we went to my friends house and we played wall ball in his sports room and we had so much fun.
    I have a sleep over tonight i wonder i wonder what will happen will we watch we watch a movie?  Will I have fun?  Will i be bored.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Day 20 Slice of Life Classroom Challenge

Day 20! We have one more student who has decided to join the challenge! Check out the writing of Author #12!

Author #4
Day 20:
Today was really boring. All I did was wake up, watch TV, eat breakfast, do piano, do art with my sister, than eat, and last but not least golf. Doing the art was kinda fun. I used a glue gun to glue random things together and later I think I might paint it. I also want to start a paper mache project later with my sister. My sister wants to make a pinata!
Day 19:
Today I got to make dinner with my mom. We decided to make pasta with marinara sauce and meatballs and also a salad. My mom made more of the pasta and I made the salad. I but baby spinach and other cabbages in a bowl and mixed it up a little. Than my mom made me put raisins toasted pecans and I sprinkled some dried up union crumbs over it
Day 18:
Today was fun. I had a book fair today. I got this book Tell Me by Joan Bauer. My friend said it's about this girl anna and her parents split up and she goes to live with her grandmother but that's all she is telling me. I can't wait to read it when i get home. It sounds like a really good book.

Author #5
3/20/16- Practice Makes Perfect
It was a warm Saturday afternoon. The sky was a pale blue and vapor from the past night clouded the day. I was in town, working on a dance for yet another performance, Swan Lake. I was cast as a Court Girl, and I’m dancing in the Birthday waltz. We had run through our dance about 100 times during this past hour and a half. But I knew that was the only way to get better at it. “You’ll have puffy skirts, so hold your arms so that they outline the skirt.” Our teacher corrected, again. I thought I felt a small whoosh of wind as everyone lifted their arms gently. “Okay. Again!” The teacher repeated as we scurried into formation.  We have to run it again!!! I thought, stretching from standing so long. In ballet, you weren’t supposed to sit during class, so I had stood putting some weight on the barre instead. Class dragged on for a good two hours, and finally we were done. Me and my friend Kylie were carpooling. “It’s coming along great!” I said with a smile, and that’s when I realized, Practice Makes Perfect!   

Author #11
Today I sign up for soccer. Today was a really cold day I did not get to play outside either way i probably I would not get to because i had a lot of work  either way and I would not get to finish it. I played with my soccer ball inside was doing that after i finished my work. The temp. Was 41° and I checked to see the people who was outside but no one was there so my playing outside hopes were done.                

Author  #12
March 17
Today at recess, we played soccer but unfortunately we lost. :( But at least I had a good time. I think that this was really bad but it was worth a try. The thing is that I got to be on offence which in this case is better than being a defence. YOu should've seen me almost get a goal only if one of our teammates would of scored Akshat...

March 18
Today I had the best moment of my life. I got to play games for 3 hours straight but I was hungry so I guess it wasn’t straight but it was fun. I played Minecraft (the game I love personally) for along time. I think I played too much but it was totally worth it. Also, tomorrow we are going to meet some guest that had a baby and we might get to see their family. I mean they are not guests but we have camped together 1 time and this girl turned into my friend. It was okay but i wished that I could of gotten a boy instead of a girl. No Afence.

March 19
Today I am going to the library with my dad after he goes to his glass appointment. After that we have to be out of the house for 1 hour because we are moving. After that, we are going to go to a restaurant to eat with our “friends” that we have been camping with for 1 time. This is going to be fun.

March 20
Today I went to church. We had korean class and english class too. After that we had english mass. After that we went to this lesson that the priest was teaching. It was about serving in korean mass. It was horrible but I got passed it. Thank god for that.