Thursday, March 10, 2016

Day 10 Slice of Life Classroom Challenge

We are a third of the way done with the challenge!

Author #1
Day 9: ZZZZZZ…. The loud speaker buzzed on! “Attention Students, Dissmissal has Begun…” The person over the loud speaker announced. I wasn’t even ready to pack up yet, so I started to speed up the proccess, by not talking while I was getting out my things to go home! I ran to the rack hurled my backpack up, and ran back to my seat! Then, 2 mins later, when I was just starting to pack my bag, the loud speaker buzzed again! This time… “ Attention, we have some buses 13, 7, 15, 6!” Was the announcements. I couldn’t here this though, because my classmates were talking! :( I strained to hear, while she repeated the buses. Then I heard 6! “Oh no!” I exclaimed. I shoved all my stuff into my bag, then scrambled for the door. To my relief, when I ran outside, my bus was still there, “Few….. That was close!” I thought, relieved.

Author #3
“I was following the, I was following the I…”  The music filled my mind and body as I listened to Faith’s singing.  She and her choir were performing.  People around me whispered, but no one dared to talk.  The beautiful singing filled the room, and we all stopped for a moment and listened.  They finished and filed into their seats as the Jazz band started playing.  People talked through their songs, showing that the choir was totally better than the band.  They finished and Faith stood up.  I did too.  We mouthed things, using gestures to explain what we were saying.  Aashi tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around.  We finished talking, and I turned back around to Faith, but she was gone, covered and lost by the crowd.  I felt alone, lost in a surging flow of people.  Then Aashi tapped me on the shoulder again and I remembered: I not alone.

Author #4
Day 10:
    “Zyem, can you put a point for Aad’s team,” I asked Zyem as I picked up one of the balls from the floor. He walked over to the scoreboard and gave one point to the other team. We were losing because we had none, but I knew that would change. I served and luckily the other team missed. I ran and put a point for us. Now it was their turn to serve. We were officially rallying. When Aileen hit the ball she hit it out of bounds so we got another point.  Now it was 2, 1. I looked at the clock and there was only 1 minute left. I quickly served the ball and it landed on the line. Aad didn’t get it so we got 1 more point. “Buzzzzzz, buzz buzz” our game was over. We won 3-1. I went to the middle of the net and shook hands with Aileen and Aad and high fived Zyem. That sure was a good game!

Author #5
3/9/26- Arabesque
    At ballet class meant hard, and I mean hard work. I was currently dancing for Ballet School and me and my class were at the studio. We were doing our daily bar stretch, and I was circling my leg in the air to get my calf on the bar in the most beautiful Arabesque that I could accomplish. I felt my leg smoothly lower to the wooden barré, and it slightly creaked as I did so, for it was pretty old. I pulled up through my stomach and stole a quick glance to the mirror. Yep, it was a beautiful Arabesque, but I knew I should check my arms. Again I pulled up, this time lengthening my arms and fingers, and relaxing my tense shoulders. This was a beautiful Arabesque. And I had accomplished my goal, just one step at a time.

3/10/16- Chairs & Stands
    I was helping move the chairs and stands needed for the orchestra, which I was in. Some stands creaked when opened, others were as smooth and silent as liquid chocolate. I picked up one of those metal chairs that you can get for your table if you have guests. I dragged it across the carpeted floor. “Can’t you just pick it up?” My friend, Kimberly asked, laughing. I shrugged and smiled. I could get so lazy! But as I was told, I picked it up and moved it to it’s appropriate spot, my few friends did the same. Then I took hold of a stand. I lifted it easily and carried it to it’s place. I adjusted the rack. Screech! It went, my face scrunching up and my hands continuing. With one final screech, it was perfect. “Well that was something!” I exclaimed, turning to my friends who were all giggling. I walked over to the stack of chairs again, still chuckling to myself. I resumed my work and handled yet another stand and chair. This is what stage crew is all about. I told myself, a grin spreading across my face. Just moving chairs and stands.

Author #6
POST #10-Spanish
Today I woke up one hour earlier at 6:00 while I was supposed to wake up at 7:00!So I went back to sleep without a worry.I then woke up at 7:00 to finally start my day.I changed and did my usual morning routine.And then went on the bus.I had realised that my spanish exam was today.I thought “Oh no!” Mainly because this was about writing back to someone in spanish.As spanish started since it was first period I told my spanish teacher”I’m nervous.” She then replied “Don’t worry!”And after a while I realised this was just the first part!This part was super easy.But I better be prepared for the next part on tuesday,Adios amigos!

Author #8
Day 4 Today played soccer at recess again and today it was another shot out like last time when I played goalie I had an awesome saying that I jumped up and caught the ball and today I'm sorry my sister came to our school for a spot like dang and she hugged me and waved at me and saying good and Yaya And my sister saying supercalifragilisticexpialidocious  yes

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