Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Day 15 Slice of Life Classroom Challenge

Author #1
Day 14: Ms. Greiner entered the room striding on her heels, head up, and confident.( I like how people do that, it shows other people how if you look confident, people will take you seriously. ) Anyway…. My palms started sweating as Ms. Greiner came into the room, because… At my school there is this program-thing, called SHR (Student Human Relations) and you write an essay to get in, and the heads of SHR, pick 2 reps from each class. I am 1 of them, and, at one of our recent meetings, our gudiance counselor, came in and explained to us that we would explaing, and answer questions about Homefront ( A charity). I felt so weird, as I walked up there, because now my other rep. Aileen and I were basically the teachers, but I got through my nerves, and calmed down.

Author #5
3/15/16- The Demo
    “Ok, slur 4 in a scale.” Repeated the orchestra teacher, Ms. Basta. “A-one, a-two, a-one two ready go!” I heard the beginning cello’s squeak their way through the rough scale. They could use some practicing. I thought to myself as I unnoticably gritted my teeth. “Ok, um let’s move these stands.” My friend said quietly as not to disturb the 4th graders. We were at stage crew again and this time, there was a small lesson going on. I picked up the metal stand and adjusted it so that it was in front of the chair. “There!” I said confidently but quietly. And I went back to being mesmerized in the music. I sat down on the metal chair I had moved earlier and put my chin in my hand. Some of the 4th graders were looking at us, but I signaled them to pay attention to the lesson, after all, we weren’t doing anything very interesting. But what happened net surprised me. “Hey 5th graders!” Ms. Basta said suddenly, snapping us all out of current thought. I stood up. “Could you demonstrate a slur 4 scale for the 4th graders?” I lit up. “Uh, sure!” We all replied, acting as casual as possible. I unpacked my viola and skipped to the front of the room, sitting on a stool in the corner. Ms. Basta introduced us and about the instruments that we played. “Ok, A-one, a-two ready go!” And we played our best for the demonstration.   

Author #6
POST #14-From Chorus to Choir
Next year in middle school I am going to Choir.In elementery it is called Chorus but it’s different in middle school.Today is a tuesday which means we have chorus.Our teacher is the music teacher of course,Mr.Margrum.I think thats how you spell it.I love the sound of our chorus and how good we sound most of the time.We are so far singing two songs,Colors of the wind from Pocahontas and a gospel/soul song called feeling good.I love music and have a deep passion for it.I love that you get to express yourself in different ways.Well during my middle school year I know that I will still enjoy choir/chorus.
POST #15-At least it’s tuesday!
Today was just a normal tuesday.As usual we just had chorus and thats it.Thats why tuesdays are usually boring but chorus is still great!Well maybe there is spanish but I don’t really enjoy it.I like that on tuesdays we start with writing then we have spanish and of course third period is always,and I mean always math!Yesterday as you may know It was a monday boring,boring,monday!I enjoy the fact that we have fun stuff to do on tuesday.But during recess a huge chunk of girls in my class go to stage crew(A crew to set up instruments for orchestra only!)i’m usually lonely on days like this.I mean I just swing alone sometimes with a friend.Like in post #3 I talked about how i’m not really social and don’t like to talk much.Today I realised that mondays are sort of better!Wait what am I talking about,forget that!At least it’s tuesday!
P.S-I just wanted to say to the reader for stopping by and reading my classmates and my own slices.We really enjoy and love the great comments you add!We have gotten so far and enjoy it very much.We went from the slice girls to slice girls and 4 boys!We love that more and more people join.Bye!

Author #9
    I got a head cold today so I stayed home with my mom and I had a 3 hour nap and I was not doing much.

Author #11
Day 3- 3/14.16
Today was normal and all I did was talk to christian and that's how my day is going.

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