Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Day 16 Slice of Life Classroom Challenge

Author #1

Day 15: Today, was pretty boring, and the day flew by in a blur, of talking, and classes, plus more talking, and learning, plus more talking. So, as you can see, our class talks! A lot! But 1 of our periods, wasn’t boring. We had P.E. 1st period today, and started our new unit, Handball. I thought this was fun, at 1st because I was with my friends, but then my gym coach, Mrs. Minore, switched me out with another girl on the other side of the gym, 1 of my friends, was also in this group, but we had to split this group up, and I ended up with 2 boys!:( Although, when we played, I think we won, but I didn’t really mind whether we lost or won… Because I had a lot of fun, and can’t wait till tomorrow’s P.E.!                 P.S. I’m sure, I will have an update, of Handball tomorrow!
Author #3
People laughed.  “What, what happened?”  I heard someone call.  I couldn’t see anything.  My heart was pounding.  More laughing.  I tried to swallow the lump in my throat, but I gave up after about the tenth time.  I felt for Jackie’s shoulder and she put her head on my shoulder.  I could tell by the way her shoulder felt tense under my hand that she was scared too.  Sooner than I expected, Aarushi bumped into me.  No one laughed, so I hoped no water had spilled from the cup we were passing around blindly.  I grabbed for Jackie’s hand and led it to the cup I was holding.  It felt lighter than it had been when we did this without spilling.  Jackie let me lead her hand to the cup and took it gently, lifting it out of my hands.  I opened my eyes and watched her pass it to Ms.Arnold.  I laughed.

“What?  What is it?”  Jackie asked, then opened her eyes.  The cup, which had been full to the top at first, was now only half full.  We had done it all right, just not without a little trouble along the way.
Author #5
3/16/16- Zip line

“Zip it back to me!” I called to Aashi on the other side. “Okay!” She answered through the breeze. It was a warm spring day today and me and my class were outside on the playground at recess. I laughed as I caught the handle above my head. The short metal zip line was about to fly me across the wood chips on the ground, and land me on the other platform. I could just see it. I pushed off of the landing and picked up my feet. The breeze blew back my hair and I zipped across, warm wind pushing against my back as I lifted my chin. I landed lightly at the other side and breathed the warm air. I looked up at the sun. It is a nice day! I thought carefully. And this was going to be a nice recess!  

Author #8
Day 7 i was playing baseball over the weekend and i played this really bad team

They were called the 5 star academy but is would call them the 1 star academy because they could not field the ball or pitch at all we dominated them 26-1 that was easy

Author #9
Today we lost our soccer game but it was unfair because we did not take our penalty shots so they started bragging about winning so we told them and they denied me telling them that and them saying that they said that we can take that penalty shot.

Author #10
My third day of writing Slice of life is here.I will celebrate at home but the science test was really easy for me today,I mean I only studied for one day because I forgot all about the science but I thought it was really + It was on our chromebooks so that meant I could have typed much faster but that test was LOOOOOONNNNNGGGG.Hope the rest of the day is better!=)


Today has been a ok day because we did not do much so I asked connor what's up and he said “HOT DOG!”.......     I waited………. I waited some more………. I can not deal with that,So I laughed hysterically at connor but at school it went downhill from there!

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