Monday, March 7, 2016

Day 7 Slice of Life Classroom Challenge

Day 7...time is flying!

Author #1

Day #3: That woosh of cold air on my face, made me shiver, “BRRRRRR!” As I saw my friends, and got on the bus I started to feel a little tired. as the bus ride to go home went on... I felt a little more tired, and wasn’t enthusiastic as usual. One of my friends, Neena, asked me “Anushri are you ok?” I answered her, by saying… “ Yeah, i’m cool! I just feel a little, you know, tired!” She looked at me knowingly, like she understood and felt the same way, then replied, “ Me too…..” My stop came, and I said bye, and got off the bus.

Day 4: Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Ding Dong, DING DONG! Now that is the sound of my deafening alarm in the morning. Usually it’s an annoying thing, because I have to get out of my warm covers, to get ready for school, and it’s no different today, But… today, it’s not as annoying. The only reason I had to wake up early this morning, was for the science fair. Now that was a good thing. Suddenly, my dad came into my room, “ Anushri, your alarm is ringing, get up, you have to get ready for the science fair!” He exclaimed. “ Yeah, yeah, alright, i’m coming….” I moaned as I slowly got out of bed.

Day 5: Ding Dong! Ding Dong! “I got it!” I yelled from upstairs, and came storming down the stairs. I flew the door opened, and there was one of my best friends, “Neena, you’re here!” I exclaimed. She smiled, like she felt the same way. We quickly dashed upstairs, to start the FUN!

Day 6: TWEET! TWEET! The lunch aides blew the whistle, to signal that recess was over! “Awww…..” was the responses they got from us students. As we walked around our school to the entrance, where we would be heading back in, we all sighed. We never got extra recess before, and have asked, about a million times! But today, I had a feeling, it would be the day, that we shine! Finally when our teacher came to pick us up from recess, a classmate of mine asked, “ Ms. Arnold, can we come out again, later?” To my surprise, her answer was “Yes!” I jumped for joy, we finally got to come out. As we came out later that day, I felt SO lucky, to have a teacher like Ms. Arnold. This was truly a wish, that came True!

Author #3
As I walk through the forest in my backyard, I look up and see the branches overhead intertwining with one another.  I walk for a while, letting my feet take me where I want to go.  My feet knew exactly where to step, exactly when to tell my hands to grab the tree incase I slip.  I looked back down at where my feet wanted me to step.  Oops, maybe I shouldn’t trust my feet quite yet.  I had just been about to step off of the steep bank that led to the river.  That looks a bit higher than last time, I think the beavers are back. I had beavers in my backyard, and they were cutting down trees to build things, destroying the forest.  I started to walk over to the place where they had built their dam and almost tripped over a tree that had fallen down because of the beavers.  That wasn’t there before.  I carefully stepped over the log and finished my walk over to the dam.  Sure enough, it had gotten taller, stronger.  I looked up stream where the river was flowing peacefully.  Although the water level had risen a lot since the beaver had come, I could almost believe that it was pretty.  Then I looked the other way, marshy, flooded, dying, and knew that not everything is at it seems.

Author #4
Day 7:
    “Honey, I really need to go shopping before my tennis match at 9 do you think I can go and you just get ready and go to the buss stop by 8:25?” My mom asked me as she got her goat on and grabbed her wallet.
“Sure,” I said as I got a yogurt out of the fridge. I Sat down on the kitchen table and got out a spoon and ate my yogurt. Not long after I picked my clothes and put everything in my bag. I turned my head and looked at the clock. “Oh no, It’s 8:27,” I said to myself. I sprinted outside and went to my buss stop. Luckily my bus was right on time for me. That sure was a close one.

Author #5
3/7/16- Fresh Air
    It is so nice out today! I thought excitedly as we headed outside to our school blacktop. We were finally rewarded with outdoor recess from a good day in class. I opened the door and felt the crisp, warm air on my face. The sun glinted off of my glasses. I closed my eyes and sighed happily as I breathed in the fresh winter air. I ran out the door, wind rushing past and flowing throughout my head. Whoosh it went. I took another breath and ran to the equipment, wind still rushing past. I climbed up to the top fastly but carefully and paused. I stared up at the bright afternoon sun. It was a beautiful day. You didn’t see that much in the winter, and I only had a light sweatshirt on. A swoosh of wind blew my blonde hair into my face. I fixed it back into place. And that fresh air was all that I needed.

Author #6
When you hear parcc you might think oh,you guys are going to the park.But the PARCC is a test that is around the end of the year that affects your grade.Well i’m not really nervous for the test but i’m nervous about school ending and what my grades be,I worry that am I good at this,am I good at that!Something that I don’t really openly share are my math grades.I admit I don’t really understand but I try my absolute best to,I usually try to ask my teacher for help when I really need it.I understand that a lot of people worry about PARCC and some right now the SAT’s which are really far away.As a fifth grader going to middle school I understand that things can get tuff,but if you work hard it won’t be as hard.I remember that when I moved here I was nervous if my grades were going to be bad,if i’ll do well with this new stuff.You see in my old school we used SABIS but here we use the american system,which is completely new!Now i’m used to it but I wasn’t before.What happened today was that we started preparing for PARCC by citing if the student responses of questions were 0-4,we also read a few articles then went outside.Today was a great monday and when good stuff happens I get less and less worried about these stuff.When people give me support on these things,compliments it really helps.I understand that many people have the same issue of being nervous for this stuff but it’s perfectly fine just keep calm,relax,and STUDY!

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