Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Day 22 Slice of Life Classroom Challenge

Author #3
I took four music stands and tried to take them.  I struggled and put them down.  I knew I was only required to take three, but Anushri wasn’t here yet.  I picked two of them up, hoisted them onto one shoulder, then did the same to the other two.  Aileen grabbed three stands, and we were off.  I shifted the stands on my shoulders, making a lot of noise.  I continued on, carrying my heavy burden.  I stumbled, and the stands on my back rattled.  Anushri came walking casually up to us and saw me.  Her face dawned an expression of surprise and quickly took a stand from my shoulders.  I sighed and put my load down.  I was just glad I didn’t have to do this every day.  Thank goodness for child labor laws, eh?

Author #5
3/22/16- Viola Solo
    I filed into the cold cafeteria, along with my peers and other classes. The chatter of many voices filled my ears. I spotted the Grover Orchestra sitting in their assigned seating, getting ready to perform for us. I smiled as I passed the first soloist, thinking This could be me next year! Wow! That’s a crazy thing to think about! I snapped out of thought as they started playing. The sound was beautiful. The bows ran across the strings in sync and it flowed like the ocean. Amazing sound waves floated and lingered in the air until the next note as I sat down on the floor, staring like I had never seen an orchestra before. They’re so good! I mouthed to my friend, Kimberly. She nodded in response, her eyes widening to show that she meant it. Then I tried to scope out the violas, the instrument that I played. Yup. The ones that look like violins, but are playing the harmony. I thought, extending my neck to look at the back. There they were! Violins always got the melody, but like my teacher said, someone will always need a viola! And that’s what gave me my self esteem for orchestra, because it was kind of hard not to get jealous of the violins sometimes.
    As they finished just the first piece, I admired the double-bass that was approaching the front of the room. Probably the next soloist I thought, shrugging. But this was a teacher. And then I noticed something else. A violist stood up from her row, and walked to the stand next to the teacher… OMG! There’s a viola solo! I thought, covering my mouth and smiling. This never happened. We never got solos!
    But then I understood why. This girl was amazing! Her bow moved with the most fluent and smooth motions and her fingers were placed with care on every note. She sounded amazing, but the reason that it was special was because it wasn’t just any solo, it was a viola solo!

Author #9
    Today we were playing a radioactive game in class
Where we had to move the radioactive stuff and we had to put it into a safe environment so did a rubberband grabber and when we would spread out it would open so got it in and we carried it all the way to the environment.

Author #10
Today has been a totally awesome day what happened is that I was playing with vlad and connor when I kept poking arnav in connors made up magic finger domination game!So that was really what happened today and I have no idea why I called it awesome.

Author #12
March 21
Today I didn’t eat my allergy medicine so my eyes were horrible. You should've seen the death I was having even through our teacher was taking it easy on us which was amazing. But if you have the allergies to anything and it effects your face and you body, instead of getting better, it gets worse. And when you rub your eye’s a lot then your eyes get sour and burn when you touch your eyes.  Also your eyes get all sticky which makes your eyes close and shut. Especially when you are sleeping. Anyway it was buring alot.

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