Sunday, March 20, 2016

Day 20 Slice of Life Classroom Challenge

Day 20! We have one more student who has decided to join the challenge! Check out the writing of Author #12!

Author #4
Day 20:
Today was really boring. All I did was wake up, watch TV, eat breakfast, do piano, do art with my sister, than eat, and last but not least golf. Doing the art was kinda fun. I used a glue gun to glue random things together and later I think I might paint it. I also want to start a paper mache project later with my sister. My sister wants to make a pinata!
Day 19:
Today I got to make dinner with my mom. We decided to make pasta with marinara sauce and meatballs and also a salad. My mom made more of the pasta and I made the salad. I but baby spinach and other cabbages in a bowl and mixed it up a little. Than my mom made me put raisins toasted pecans and I sprinkled some dried up union crumbs over it
Day 18:
Today was fun. I had a book fair today. I got this book Tell Me by Joan Bauer. My friend said it's about this girl anna and her parents split up and she goes to live with her grandmother but that's all she is telling me. I can't wait to read it when i get home. It sounds like a really good book.

Author #5
3/20/16- Practice Makes Perfect
It was a warm Saturday afternoon. The sky was a pale blue and vapor from the past night clouded the day. I was in town, working on a dance for yet another performance, Swan Lake. I was cast as a Court Girl, and I’m dancing in the Birthday waltz. We had run through our dance about 100 times during this past hour and a half. But I knew that was the only way to get better at it. “You’ll have puffy skirts, so hold your arms so that they outline the skirt.” Our teacher corrected, again. I thought I felt a small whoosh of wind as everyone lifted their arms gently. “Okay. Again!” The teacher repeated as we scurried into formation.  We have to run it again!!! I thought, stretching from standing so long. In ballet, you weren’t supposed to sit during class, so I had stood putting some weight on the barre instead. Class dragged on for a good two hours, and finally we were done. Me and my friend Kylie were carpooling. “It’s coming along great!” I said with a smile, and that’s when I realized, Practice Makes Perfect!   

Author #11
Today I sign up for soccer. Today was a really cold day I did not get to play outside either way i probably I would not get to because i had a lot of work  either way and I would not get to finish it. I played with my soccer ball inside was doing that after i finished my work. The temp. Was 41° and I checked to see the people who was outside but no one was there so my playing outside hopes were done.                

Author  #12
March 17
Today at recess, we played soccer but unfortunately we lost. :( But at least I had a good time. I think that this was really bad but it was worth a try. The thing is that I got to be on offence which in this case is better than being a defence. YOu should've seen me almost get a goal only if one of our teammates would of scored Akshat...

March 18
Today I had the best moment of my life. I got to play games for 3 hours straight but I was hungry so I guess it wasn’t straight but it was fun. I played Minecraft (the game I love personally) for along time. I think I played too much but it was totally worth it. Also, tomorrow we are going to meet some guest that had a baby and we might get to see their family. I mean they are not guests but we have camped together 1 time and this girl turned into my friend. It was okay but i wished that I could of gotten a boy instead of a girl. No Afence.

March 19
Today I am going to the library with my dad after he goes to his glass appointment. After that we have to be out of the house for 1 hour because we are moving. After that, we are going to go to a restaurant to eat with our “friends” that we have been camping with for 1 time. This is going to be fun.

March 20
Today I went to church. We had korean class and english class too. After that we had english mass. After that we went to this lesson that the priest was teaching. It was about serving in korean mass. It was horrible but I got passed it. Thank god for that.

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