Friday, March 18, 2016

Day 17 Slice of Life Classroom Challenge

Day 17
Excited to have yet ANOTHER new author join us! Check out the writing of Author #12!

Author #1
Day 17: Today was pretty normal, I woke up, had breakfast, went to school, learned, talked, took the bus ride home, watched TV, played basketball, and am here now! Today was a normal day with all my normal classes, but I came home, and played outside, which I usually have no time to do. So, that’s my day!              P.S. Sorry, for the boring slice today!:( But I can assure you i’ll have a good slice for tomorrow! Bye for now!

Author #7
Tick, tick, tick. I watched the clock dreading it as it slowly made its way to 12:50. Why, might you ask I am sitting here in my desk waiting for the time to come? Well, that’s the time where I most of the times feel most alone, and sometimes most happiest. Today, I was having a pretty bad day in music because the teacher didn’t pick the kids like he promised to. And all the kids that kids that didn’t follow the required things were picked and I felt very upset. I just hope this lunchtime will be in my list of best lunchtimes in the world.  

Author #10

Today has been a very exciting day and I can not wait for recess!I got a cap from officer meghan because I finished my crossword puzzle 2nd place! Aashi got the T-shirt while I got the WWPBA Local #271 cap. I got a real officer cap! YAY!

Author #12
March 17

Today at recess, we played soccer but unfortunately we lost. :( But atleast I had a good time. I think that this was really bad but it was worlth a try.

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  1. Tick, tick, tick...What a great way to start a slice. It looks like there are a lot of sports lovers in your class. Such a fun read.