Monday, March 21, 2016

Day 21 Slice of Life Classroom Challenge

Day 21! We are almost there!

Author #1
Day 18: Today I mostly stayed in the house, and did my piano + cello practice! I also did house chores, then, I was bored, and hadn’t had any excercise at all during the day!:( So…  I called my brother,  Hey, Nalin! You wanna go outside, and play some basketball, since we got no excercise today?
    Yep, that sounds good! He calmly replied.
    K, so, we’ll go outside at 6:30! I announced. I didn’t hear an answer, so I assumed he heard me. Right now, it was 6:15, so.. I had about 15 minutes to kill. I just read, and at 6:25, I came down, and put a light sweatshirt, and shoes, then, called to my brother,  I’ll meet you out! Then, dashed out the door, and into my garage! There, I got the basketball, made the hoop higher, and started playing. My brother came out, and we played for about 45 minutes, then my dad came out and we played some more. That was for about a half hour.

Day 19: Hmmmm.,.. Ok, yes, we’ll be there yes sure! My dad said on the phone this morning, at approximately 10:15 A.M. What!?!  I thought. Not knowing, what my dad, and uncle, were saying was killing me!, I almost pulled my hair out. Yes! I was that curious, practically, hag off the side of my parents bed to know! FINALLY! My dad put down the phone, looked at me, like What?  What were you saying? I asked him, practically screaming.  Ohhhhh, so that’s why you were literally hanging off the bed! My dad figured out. Why else, would I do that? I asked. He shrugged. Anyway… Your fUncle talked about how it is his dog  Kushi’s B-day today! He wanted to invite us to his house around 1, so that we could come over for pizza, to celebrate. He finally told me. This all sounded good, but I still had 1 more question boling inside of me, and I asked it.  Wait, woh,woh,woh,woh! I paused.  Yes? He said. Where’s the pizza from? I asked.  Aljon’s! He answered. Mmmmmmm, I licked my lips, I can’t wait! The pizza was indeed delicious, and that was the highlight of my day!

Day 20: Today was pretty fun in school, and we did, like not much learning. But there was 2 times, when I was biting my nails off. That time was when, I was about to recieve the results of the math test, that I took on Thursday! I looked at my friend Jackie, the same look of fright, shared in our eyes. I reached out my hand, waiting for her to clutch it, at last, she did. My teacher, Ms. Arnold, walked up to the front of the room, and started saying, things about our test, then started to hand them back to us, and Jackie and I shared a look again, but this time, of nervousness, we wanted to get good grades! Obviously! She finally gave us ours, I took 1 look at my test, and beamed, I got a 31.5 out of 33! I looked at Jackie, she had a so-so face, uh oh! I hope she is ok! I thought.Wow! I did pretty well, not perfect, but pretty well! Then I thought about how I would get a 2 point bonus. People get that by on our math choiceboard, instead of earning 15 points, earning 20, or more, and if you do that, you can get either 2 points bonus, on your math test, or a homework pass, I chose the 2 points, just incase, I made a mistake!:) Now, I got 33.5/33. Yeah, and the same thing happened when we got our science test back! Except this time I got a 19.5/20, which is still really well! So today was a good day! I hope it will be like this until thursday! ‘Cause that’s when our spring break starts! Bye for now, and see you tomorrow!

Author #4
Day 21:
“Students, Teachers, and staff, it is now necessary that we begin a lockdown,” I heard coming from the speaker. I speed walked over and sat by the backpacks while Ms.Arnold locked the door, turned off the lights, and put the curtain thingy down. Than Ms.Arnold read all of our names to make sure we were all her.
“Zyem, Panda, Robie, Aashi …., Aarushi,” In the middle of her listing our names someone came up to the door and shook the door knob a little bit. About 1 minute later On the loudspeaker they said.
“Thank you students and staff, this drill is now over,” The woman said. We all stood up and went back to what we were doing.

Author #5
3/21/16- Morning Air
    The cold wind ate at my skin as I ran to my stop on the corner, my hair trailing behind me. My feet hit a crack in the sidewalk, and I sort of stumbled off balance, but regained it quickly. 8:07, I’ll just make it! I thought. I had to catch that bus. I spotted my neighbors, already waiting at the corner. Then I heard it. The quiet sound of the bus motor, echoing around the corner of our street. I ran faster…. I was just going to get there! The engine became even louder. I pumped my arms as the slim yellow figure appeared around the house on the street. I hopped onto the bus and sat down in the first seat. The ride had just started!

Author #9
    Today my friend Panda or Pranav got a meg in soccer but got his leg stepped on so kids in soccer are arguing if it is a foul or not.
    I hung out with my friends all day today and we had so much fun so we went to my friends house and we played wall ball in his sports room and we had so much fun.
    I have a sleep over tonight i wonder i wonder what will happen will we watch we watch a movie?  Will I have fun?  Will i be bored.


  1. Author #5...My heart was beating faster with anticipation hoping you made it in time to the bus stop! Glad you did make it!

  2. Author #1 A birthday party for a dog?? Oh yes!! That does sound like fun!