Thursday, March 17, 2016

Day 17 Slice of Life Classroom Challenge

Day 17

Author # 1
Day 16:  Handball! Today is another slice about  Handball, today we played 3 games of handball. “We,” is my team, Kimberly, Akhil, Jason, and I. We were the blue team, and 1st we had a drill, to get warmed up. Then, the games began! First game on our 4th of the gym, was… Purple  VS. Blue teams. In that game we won, and had awesome team effort, and work! 2nd game, with our team, was…  Orange  VS. Blue, I think we won that game too, and we also had great effort and teamwork, in this round. Then the final round came, and we played the Yellow team. But we only played for about 1 minute, ‘Cause the period was over!:( But, either way, if we won or lost, I had a lot of fun! I don’t want our handball unit to come to an end, but, for now… I’ll just enjoy it while I can! See you tomorrow, with another slice!:)

Author #4
Day 17:
I woke up and I ran down the stairs to see if I got candy in my shoe. Every year on st patrick's day when we leave our shoes in front of a door overnight we get candy in it. I looked in it and noticed 5 little wrapped chocolates, a blue, purple, yellow, brown, and red. I picked it up and hid it in my drawer where I put everything of mine. My sister had the same stuff as me. I came in my kitchen and ate a piece of toast.

Author #5
3/17/16- Laps
    “Alright guys! We’re heading outside!” The gym teacher called to us down the hallway, circling his finger as a signal for us to turn around. I pivoted on my heel and picked up my feet, needing to catch up with my friends for the run. “Hey wait up!” I laughed to them. “What? Oh sorry!” They responded, like true friends would. I pushed open the heavy playground door as we entered the end of the hall. “No don’t!” They whispered. Oops! I let go and got back into line. People laughed and I turned slightly red. My eyes fluttered to the ground. “Okay, you can go out now!” The gym teacher called again, not noticing that the door had already been opened. We spilled out of the building like trapped bugs. The five minute run was what we were doing out here. It was a cool afternoon, the sun shining down on the pavement of the blacktop. There was a warm breeze coming from the south, and it was blowing my hair out of my face.
I started running slowly, picking up my feet and landing smoothly every time. My blonde hair moved with the wind, breezing behind me as I jogged. The girls behind me were already walking. I’m not going to walk, I’m not going to walk, I’m not going to walk… was all that played in my head. I swallowed the wind pushing me back and continued to run. Suddenly I felt something slap my back. “I finally caught up to you!” Aashi gasped, out of breath. Now that I thought about it, I was getting a little tired too. I slowed, but not to a stop. This was going to be a long run!   

Author #10
Well….I got obsessed with the paper fruit that ms arnold gave me but people think it is an onion but it is actually a pomegranate so yahhhh.Chris also squeezed all his florida keys and keep coral reefs healthy thing into one paragraph which i am surprised that he put important info in it.I hope recess is better! If we do have recess!

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