Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Day 2 Slice of Life Classroom Challenge

We are so excited to begin the Slice of Life Classroom Challenge! Thank you for taking the time to read our posts. We are a fifth grade class!

Author #1: 

BLEEP! BLEEP! BLEEP! Went my alarm, as I took off my blanket... this whisper of cold air, brushing across my face, and the blanket trickling off of my arms. I felt as if I was in the arctic. BRRRRR! As I got up the blanket hissed, descending towards the ground, and with one final swoosh, it settled there.

Author #2:

I woke up miserably with my head trying to get up. I was walking down the stairs thinking what I had for school when it came to me; I forgot to charge my chromebook! I try running a bit, but I barely can move any faster. Step by step, I’m trying to become faster. I move my head side-to-side trying to wake up. When I finally reach downstairs, I checked and found my chromebook still in my backpack. I started charging it and checked the battery: 11%. “Oh no!”, I thought. I looked at the time: 7:20am.  I said to myself, “I won’t finish charging in time.” My bus comes at 8:00am. I am stressing out trying to think of a solution. When it is 7:50 I see how much battery I have and it says 56%. I take it to school hoping to survive without the battery dying.

Author #3

“Beep beep!  Beep beep!”  My alarm clock sounded.  Ugh, do I have to get up?  I put my head back down on my pillow.  My eyes closed.  What do I wear today? Let’s see, I have my jeans, but what shirt?  Should I wear my sneakers today?  A door closed in my mom’s room.  Alright, I really need too get up now.  What time is it?  I looked at my clock.  8:00.  Ugh, I was supposed to get up at 7:45!  That got me awake.  I raced through my morning routine until I got back to my room to change.  Now, I still haven't decided what to wear.  I opened my drawer of shirts.  Let’s see, I think I want to wear my owl scarf today, so what will go with both that and the jeans that I have clean?   I picked up a white cami.  This will do.  I just have to make sure I wear my denim jacket over it.  I quickly changed and ran downstairs.  I started to pack my backpack and my mom came downstairs.
“Hi sweetie,”  she said.
“Hi,” I said back to her.  My mom bent down and let my dog out of her crate.  She and I went around without a word, packing my lunch, feeding my dog, eating breakfast, putting on shoes, when all of a sudden my mom said, “Oh, I forgot the bags!”  She ran upstairs and came down with four garbage bags filled with things that I knew we were donating.
“What are those for?”  I asked.
“I forgot today was donation day.  I need to get these outside!”  She brought two of them outside, and I put on my coat.  She grabbed my dog’s leash an quickly let her go to the bathroom.  I checked the time.  8:39.
“Mom, we should’ve left like five minutes ago!”  She ran inside and put my dog away as I Picked up the other bags and ran outside with my backpack on my back and a bag in each hand.  I plopped them down and got into the car.  As we drove to school, I realized how lucky I was to be able to be driven to school and have a mom who understands me and who I understand as well.

Author #4

I picked up a golf ball and moved it to the center of my golfing mat. I stepped back and slowly took my golfclub back, then accelerated into thin air. I stepped forward and held my club up. I placed my hands on my club somewhat loose and in a good golf grip position. I brought my club back down behind my golf ball. I slowly brought my club back and I increased my speed when I hit my golf ball. “Pow!”  My club hit my golf ball perfectly and my ball went really fast, like a rollercoaster going down a hill, and it landed about 150 yards from where I was standing! 

Author #5

Bus Stop
I ran from my warm garage and out into the crisp cool morning air with the door left open behind me. My hair was pulled back in a high ponytail and it flew behind me as I sprinted down the sidewalk. I was halfway to my stop now, the corner that led out to the road- right past the circle where I lived. My circle- I was so thankful for it. It let me ride my bike freely in the sun, and play in the snow when winter came. Friends stopped by to play sometimes, just like they had that weekend. But now school was starting again as it did again and again every week. It was a Tuesday morning. It wasn’t chilly, but I was wearing my light northface to keep me warm enough. Then suddenly but expectantly, the bus pulled up to the corner, snapping me out of thought. The yellow creature rode smoothly down the old road and I ran to catch it. Sitting down in the first seat, I leaned on my elbow and said goodbye to my house, and my circle, but just to myself.  

Author #6
How I started Writing
I remember that I had no interest in writing,I barely even wanted to do it in school!But in fourth grade I realised that I had a passion for writing in me.I discovered this passion when we had to write what happened to the witch in Jorinda and Jorindel by the Brothers Grimm.I wrote what I felt would happen in detail and expression.And after that when I read mine aloud everyone started clapping slowly and then loudly in the end.I remember this day clearly and how people would say wow in random parts of the fictional aftermath I had wrote.This experience was a big influence for me.I started writing more,and more,and more,until I had this big gap of not writing at all!But now guess what I want to be when I grow up an author!

 Author #7

Blog Post #1
The spotlight of today is what happened during stage crew, (Which is during lunch) since I had already eaten lunch before the period, I took a book and read in the orchestra until my friends were done eating their lunch. It took around fifteen minutes but since I am ‘sort of’ of a deep reader, it felt like 5 minutes at most. I guess I am too engaged with the stuff. I guess that’s why I am glad I got the top bunk of my bunk bed, so I have better light to read in. So back to the topic, I waited until they came and we straightened the huge mess that is going on in the orchestra room. We put out the chairs neatly side-by-side and placed folders on stands in their rightful spots. After that, we just kick back and relax and play hangman. (Or, in my case reading!) We hang around until ensemble. Then, we go off to our business.



  1. I am definitely going to share your stories with my class when I teach imagery and onomatopoeias!

  2. Thanks for the compliment! I know my students will love to hear that. Comment back the link for your students' slices. I'd love to read them, and my students want to comment on posts, as well!