Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Day 9 Slice of Life Classroom Challenge

Day 9!

Author #1
Day 7: As soon as I got home from swim practice, I walked into my house, and to my surprise didn’t, see my brother! “Hmmph, I thought, It’s his birthday, and he’s still stuck to his computer? Un-be-livable!” I was wonering all of this when I heard a sudden rumble, it was coming from upstairs! “Ooooohhhh… I know! My brother’s chair is rolling across the floor, there’s no need to be scared!” I thought. Then, finally, my brother opened his room door, and came out! “ Happy B-day Bro!” I exclaimed. “Thanks!” He laughed. It was all back to normal after that.

Day 8: I was finished eating my lunch in the school Cafeteria. “
    “Uggghhhh! Why is it taking so long?” I moaned.
“ I know right?” One of my friends chimed in.
I was moaning because I was so excited to go out! “You know, it’s supposed to be, like 80 degrees outside!” I finally exclaimed. “ Yep!” Another one of my friends replied. Then, finally, “Ms. Arnold’s class, go out!” The lunch aid announced. “YAYYYYYYYYY!” My whole class yelled while running out the door. As soon as I got out side, I was in the shade, “it is so nice out here!” I sighed, smiling. Suddenly, this gust of air flows to me, then when it cleared, I was out of the shade, and in the sun! That’s when, all of my classmates ran off to play, except of course my friends and I, who ran to meet each other, then played!

Author #2
Day 7: “Kajol I know how to make a donut on the rubix cube. You want me to show you.” I said to her excitedly. “Can you solve it” “Maybe”I say back. I twist and make the donut. I attempted to solve, but it kept making a donut again. I looked online. I watched a video that didn't help till I saw one and I thought “this one might work, though it is my best shot anyway.” I watched it and in 2 min I was finished. “YES” I yelled. “What?” My sister questions. I solved it. “Yay” She says. Then she looks at it and I am very happy I did it because know I know for whenever I need to know it and just for fun.

Author #3
“Come on!”  Anushri yelled.  I walked a bit faster, not wanting to get yelled at by the unch aids.  I looked outside and the light almost blinded me.  the heat coming from outside was so strong that I could feel it from where I was standing.I could just barely see Anushri outlined in the sunlight streaming in from the windowed door.  I stepped toward it, one step per two seconds.  I got past one set of doors, and the heat paralyzed me for a nanosecond, and the I ran.  I ran slow at first, then faster and faster until I was sprinting on the blacktop, going a yard each stride.  I felt the wind streaming through my hair, whipping it into my face even from its ponytail.  I finally slowed when I came to the end of the blacktop where the climbing equipment began.  I stopped and
just listened for a moment, soaking in the sun and the sounds of playing from all around me.  Anushri came up beside me, panting quietly.  
    “Come on, let’s go play,”

Author #4
Day 9:
    “Lets go play at the volleyball area,” Kiran said. Bella went and got her class ball while the rest of us headed on over to the volleyball courts. Me, Emily, Samantha, and Bella were all on the team. The rest of the people went to the other side.
    “Guys, I think it would be easier if we played neucom, volleyball is to hard,” Emily said as she caught the ball.
    “I like volleyball better, and it’s more challenging for me,” Jessica said.   
    “Okay, whatever,” Emily said as she served the ball to the other side. Emily was basically playing the whole game for our team because the rest of us didn't really know how to play, and on the other team it was just Jessie playing for them. They werent that good, and Jessie's team ended up winning but, all that matters is that we had fun!

Author #6
POST #9-Summer weather around the end of winter.
Eighty degrees,it was crazy!I had no idea it could get so warm all of the sudden.I had decided to play outside today with friends after school because of how hot it was!I realised how hot it would be in summer than I got anxious.I know this is mainly happening due to climate change and how it’s getting warmer and warmer.I than realised that I would be going to L.A. for spring break and thought how hot it would be.In new jersey it’s already short weather it’s not even cold here too!I imagine at least 90-100 degrees in the summer because of this,which is absolutely crazy!My opinion is global warming is really bad mainly because of how the world will get hotter,and hotter,and hotter.And around the end of the century parts of the east coast and west coast will get flooded which scares me a lot!(Even though I won’t be alive!)The weather will just get hotter,waves will rise.It’s just crazy!Around when my teacher was a teen people believed global warming was a conspiracy due to less proof but now since there’s more proof it’s believed to be real.There are many conspiracies that don’t have much proof today but might be true like The flat earth conspiracy,We faked the moon landing conspiracy,and much,much more!You see it’s getting warmer and that’s it!But there are many bad things coming up because of global warming so watch out! :)

Author #8
Day 3 today i played soccer i was the goal for FC barcelona and i the replacement rhoan i  was Bored because the other team would not get close to the goal to score for a while then They were getting the ball close To the goal brice I came and kicked the ball on the ground I caught it and then punted it half of the side of the field then Bryce came and kicked it it tipped off someone's elbow and I caught it  i did not think that it was a good save but everyone was saying it was so good and we won 1-0!

day 2  I can't wait till MLB starts up again so then i can talk with all my friends about it and watch it on tv and go to the games  also i can look at all the stats and make drafts with my friends and Watch MLB tonight  and all of the baseball shows and talk about it With my dad

Author #9
    Today in class my teacher asked me if would clean the marker bin, so… I did so my friend akhil and did it.  so as I went to EDP ( Extended Day Program ) and My friend asked me “What happened to your hands!!!”I told them what happened.

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  1. Author 8, I think it's really interesting how sports can bring families closer together!

    So proud of all of you for writing every day!