Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Day 8 Slice of Life Classroom Challenge

We have 2 new bloggers from my class who have decided to join us! Make sure to read the blogs from Authors 8 and 9!

Author #3
The wind rushes through my hair, and I feel like shouting.  I dare a glance behind me and see my mom, falling behind me.  I relent and slow down.  I coast for a little to let her catch up.
“You reached 16.5 miles per hour going down that hill!”  My mom called over the wind.  I smiled.  I was glad my mom had gotten a new battery in the device that told you how fast you were biking.  
Wow it’s good to be back on my bike.  I thought to myself.  It feels like I’m flying.  I wonder if I try hard enough… naugh, it’s not gonna happen.  A car rushing past us brought me out of my fantasies.  I realized that we were almost home.  That stinks, and just when I was taking off.  We turned into my development and slowed down.  My mom pulled up behind me.
“Did you have fun?”  My mom asked.
“Yeah, I just wished it would’ve lasted longer.”  I started to whine, and then caught myself.
“I know, me too.”  My mom got a faraway look on her face.  I questioned that and what it really meant as we rode home in silence, winding through the small cluster of houses that we lived in.  
We pulled into our street and my mom called out “I’m going to go around the cul de sac.  I like the way I go into the driveway better this way.”
“Okay mom!”  I turned into my driveway and coasted, braking occasionally, until my bike stopped right at the end of my driveway.  I stared out at my backyard for a second, then turned around and entered the garage.

Once both my mom and I were inside, my mom let my dog out of her crate and said “ I'm going to take Rita outside to play.  Want to come?”  I guess the fun wasn't over quite yet.

Author #4
Day 7:
I got in my moms car and closed the door. I put my seatbelt on just as my mom started talking to me. "Julia we have to bring Kiran home, her mom is at the doctor, can you go get her," she said to me as I took my seat belt back off. I walked over to the other side of the parking lot where kiran's mom usually goes to pick her up. I looked around, but I didn't see her. I decided to go back to my mom.
"Hey mom, I can't find kiran, I don't think she's over there," I said as I took my jacket off.
"Go check again, shes got to be there," my mom said. I walked back over to where Kiran usually is. Aha there she was. She was behind some street sign. I ran over to where she was and I said
"Kiran my mom is taking you home today, because your mom is at a doctor's appointment" She ran with me back o where my mom was parked and my mom took us home. I was really glad that I found kiran, I was really worried that I wouldn't see her.

Day 6:
“Honey, I really need to go shopping before my tennis match at 9 do you think I can go and you just get ready and go to the buss stop by 8:25?” My mom asked me as she got her goat on and grabbed her wallet.
“Sure,” I said as I got a yogurt out of the fridge. I Sat down on the kitchen table and got out a spoon and ate my yogurt. Not long after I picked my clothes and put everything in my bag. I turned my head and looked at the clock. “Oh no, It’s 8:27,” I said to myself. I sprinted outside and went to my buss stop. Luckily my bus was right on time for me. That sure was a close one.

Author #5
3/8/16- Soft Touch
I wasn’t feeling well, so I was in bed already, but the problem was that I couldn’t fall asleep. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t relax myself. So I rose from my comfy bed and walked out of my dark, cozy room. The door opened with a soft creak, but to me it was loud. My mom heard me, “What is it sweetie?” She said , sounding kind of annoyed and tired. “I just can’t fall asleep.” I said on the verge of tears. It came out kind of whiny. “I’ll be right in.” she replied calmly. I turned and slugged back to my room, my feet dragging, and a bad headache I could feel coming on. My head flopped onto my pillow. It felt as if my brain was about 1,000 pounds. I tried to sniff the congestion out of my nose, but that was useless. Ugh! I thought. I felt so terrible. It was about 10:00 now, and I finally heard my mom get out of bed and wander down the hallway, her feet making the floor creak every step.
She sat down on the edge of my bed as I closed my eyes. She started stroking my head softly and I breathed a steady rhythm. Tension was released and a small warm glow ignited inside of me. I kept my eyes closed and continued breathing. Then when she felt I was content, my mom left quietly, and I fell sound asleep.  

Here are the posts from our newest slicers!

Author #8
day 1 
today in football was so fun! i had a crazy back juck and rohon went  stumbling to the ground it was so funny we won 14-0 i had a pick 6 and a touchdown and i chucked the ball down after the touchdown and then i did high steeps like was i was doing in school and mrs.arnold told me not to. and at lunch the score does keep on coming onto our football field so i kicked the ball away so we can play football believe it or not i acly helped them by doing that

Author #9
“Oh no the ball is coming!!!” as the ball rolled with Kai charging at me.  The ball rolled my leg like a ball down a hill.  it rolled up my leg, I kneedit into the air.  It flew and I tried to kick it but Kai headed it away.  I felt bad that I missed that so I ran to the ball and we took it away from that team and took it to the end of the field we shot it fast, tension was in the air… POST!!! No… but...Kai did a hand ball so we took a penalty shot and… it hit the goalies hands and we kicked it while the goalie was on the ground and we scored we screamed.

“Lets all jump at the same time okay?” My friend screamed over all excitement in the trampoline and we jumped and we went high but I flipped and landed right on my finger!  I pulled my finger out from under me and it was red, purple,black, and blue.  They could probably hear my scream all the way from africa.  My friends mom came with an ice pack and the injured finger it was hard to move it at first but it was easy to get used to.  After that I ran right back outside and did what we were doing… jumping on the trampoline!!!!!😊☺

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