Thursday, March 3, 2016

Day 3 of Slice of Life Classroom Challenge

Slicing away! We had Read Across America Day yesterday. The theme was "Where does reading take you?" I can see that reading (and writing) takes my students to so many different places! Love how excited my students are about writing...Hopefully we'll get some more readers today!

Author #1

Day #3: As I walked into the classroom, this flutter of warmth landed on me. I felt so nice and cozy on the inside as I greeted my teacher and classmates! “ Good Morning, Ms. Arnold!” I exclaimed. She looked up, and replied back, “Good Morning, Anushri!” Indeed, a good morning, it was! Today was Read Across America Day, at school! We were having an assembly to celebrate Dr. Suess. I quickly walked down, and sped pass the sea of students, laughing, and talking, while entering their classrooms. I quickly got to Ms. Sheffield’s( A 4th grade teacher) class, and waited to lead them down to the assembly, I was picked, for this job, and wanted to prove I was worthy of it! As I walked into the class I all of a sudden, stopped! “There is something, different, going on in this room! What could it be?” I thought. I looked around the room, is there a new student? Are there new backpacks, or charts up on the wall? WHAT? I was so confused, as I thought what is different! All of a sudden….THERE! I saw it! There was a substitute! AHA! “ I am in for quite something,” I thought.

Author #2

“I am so excited” I shout jumping up and down.  “I know me too!” My sister explained. We just bought Bean Boozled Jelly Beans and we had to finish dinner to do the challenge. I’m ready my sister said excitedly. “Okay” We got it ready and with a glass of water and another cup to spit it out in of we have to. “Kajol, spin the spinner” I say. Kajol ran over and span the spinner. I look “Tuity Fruity or Stinky Socks.” “I am so scared.” “1...2...3…” I ate it. “I got Tuity Fruity” I shout. “Wait Ewww, I got Stinky Socks.” I spit it out into the cup. “Okay that was disgusting. Now I spin the Spinner” “Barf or Peach” “Noooooo” My sister  screamed. “1...2...3…” I put it in my mouth nervously. With one chew I spit it out. “I got Barf.” I looked over my sister was spitting in her cup. I knew she got barf. Then out of the blue she started barfing. “Oh my Gosh” I scream. I thought it was sort of weird. She ate a barf jelly bean and then barfed.

Author #3

Author #4

“Julia can you come help me make this thing for bella and crumble some papers?” My mom asked me.

“Sure, why not?” I said as I walked over to my mom. My mom handed me some magazines and newspapers, so I took them from her and I started crumbling them up into little balls. There was a big pile of them in the middle so I placed them there. After we made a lot my mom got this huge poster with tennis balls in a peace sign shape. She got a glue gun from my laundry room and plugged it into the nearest outlet. We took the glue gun and glued all of the crumbled papers inside of the peace sign. In the end it turned out to look really cool.

Author #5

Rock Band
It was Read Across America at my school, Village. As we lined up for our usual assembly, I fixed my red and white shirt and my bright red scrunchy in my blonde hair, which was tied in a ponytail. We started walking down the colorful hallway. Everything was decorated with Dr. Seuss characters. Streamers were hanging as well. We made it down the stairs and into the gym. My former teacher and other teachers were singing a parody to the new song “Stitches”! My teacher’s voice filled my ears, and I smiled. She had an amazing voice, even as a teacher. Her voice sounded like a flowing ocean, waves crashing just at the right time, like hitting the right notes at the right time. I listened, appreciating how fun today was going to be, and how nice this rock band was singing.

Author #6

Read Across America
Today was read across america day,a day dedicated to books and it’s authors.It is today because of how it is Dr.Suess’s birthday!Today high school basketball players read to us Green eggs and ham and Yertle the turtle.We asked them questions and then they asked us questions.Also we had a wolf walk assembly with our mascot in it and our new teacher band!It contains of our Music teacher Mr.M,Ms.SG,and other teachers!Also we had raised 128 books for home front and a local preschool while they were expecting 2 books per class at least 28 books!But we reached way more!You see reading is very important to me also is writing,this was my first and best read across america day.Although the lunch was…..”strange” it was pretty good!(We ate green bagels with eggs and ham.)And remember”The more that you read,The more things you’ll know.The more you learn,The more places you’ll go!” -Dr.Suess

Author #7

Thanks for reading!

-Ms. Arnold


  1. Love these moments! Thanks for sharing your slices!

  2. I love the "flutter of warmth" that begins this slice. I have never heard of Bean Boozled Jelly Beans, but I'm not sure I'd like that game. The wadded paper peace sign sounds very interesting. In my opinion, teachers make the best rock stars. And whoever had the idea of high school basketball stars reading Dr. Suess is genius! These posts were really fun to read.

  3. I am really enjoying your 'slices' so far! And in honor of Read Across America a Dr. Seuss quote for you...

    "Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!" - Dr. Seuss