Friday, March 4, 2016

Day 4 Slice of Life Classroom Challenge

We finished our first week of the challenge! My students cannot believe people from other places in the country are reading their writing... Thank you for the comments!

Author #4

Day 4:
“Julia, let's go you're going to be late,” my mom said to me as I slipped my shoes on I ran outside and hopped in my moms car with my backpack, then she drove me to the bus stop. I looked at the clock.

“It's 8;30 already, I probably missed my bus,” I exclaimed with a worried look on my face. We drove back to my house and I went inside and quickly grabbed my chromebook, while my mom changed out of her pajamas so she could drive me to school. I got back in my moms car, this time with a computer and a jacket. I shut the door and My mom drove off heading to my school. Believe it or not I got to school on time, and my mom got to her tennis game at 9:00!

Author #6

My morning routine

Today was just an ordinary day,my dad just woke me up and then I asked for 5 more minutes(I slept for 10 more minutes.)of sleep!After that I just brushed my teeth,changed, and ate breakfast.My dad wakes me up during 7:00 and I usually wake up during 7:05.I put my chromebook in it’s case and pack up my snack for school.And after that I just put my socks on and watched TV.At exactly 8:13 am my mom or dad walk me to the bus stop and we wait for my bus which usually arrives 5 minutes later.At my bus stop I don’t talk to anyone or anything I just stand and wait.Sometimes my mom shows me funny and cute stuff on social media and my dad encourages me to talk to people.But when it’s cold and my dad is staying in for work he drives me to my bus stop,and we wait in the car until the bus comes.When the bus comes I sit in my assigned seat next to my friends and I just sit quietly until we get to school.Sometimes I might talk or play games but today I didn’t.My morning routine is quite short but sure does take a long time!

Author #7


Well, Today is Friday and, most of the school day was boring until during Science class my table group found the cup of salt and water solution we left in our science bucket last time. Inside the cup, all the water had evaporated and all that’s left is the icicles made from evaporated salt. So it was very pretty and fragile. But the coolest part is that we started using chemicals. We used Baking Soda, Citric Acid, and Calcium Something (I forgot its name!). And Then we mixed them each with 50 ml of water and other stuff.

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