Monday, March 14, 2016

Day 14 Slice of Life Classroom Challenge

Sorry readers, I was busy this weekend and forgot to post! I have included the writers' stories from the weekend, as well as today!

Please also welcome two new writers...Author 10 and Author 11! 

Author #1
Day 11: This Afternoon Moment…. Whoosh! The heep of air blew on me as I opened the Door, to TCNJ’s ( The College Of New Jersey) Music Hall!  I was at TCNJ, because I was doing a piano competition. There is a scheduled time you’re supposed to be there if you register, to compete, and then, if you get the “Outstanding Score” You get to perform at the “Recital” (Finals). Anyways… My mom and I walked over to the Registration Desk. “ Hello, what’s your name?” The lady working there asked me.
“ Anushri Dwivedi!” I started spelling out my name. I could see as she started scrolling down the list of performers. “ There it is!” I told her, to help things run quicker.
“ Have you been here before?”She asked me.
“Yep! Last year was my first year!!” I replied.
“Ok Great! So I’m assuming…. You know the routine?”She inquired.
“Yeah, I remember!” I answered her.
“Ok, you’ll be with Judge 3!” She told me. “ You got a really good Judge!” She blurted out.
“ Thanks!” I smiled. My mom and I walked down stairs, and entered the waiting room (The Music Room) in which... there were Music stands with the numbers of the judges on them, and chairs surrounding each stand. I headed over to the stand with a 3 on it, with my mom right on my heels. We sat down, “ Now, all we do, is wait!” I told my mom. I started humming the songs, I was gonna play, to take my mind off of being nervous. Last year, I got the “Outstanding Score” so, I didn’t think I had to worry about getting it again this year, but that doesn’t mean, I didn’t work just as hard. Because This competition, is not a joke. Suddenly, “ The students for Judge 3, please!” One of the helpers announced just then, disturbing my thoughts. “ Oh, that’s me!” I told my mom as another girl got up with me.
“Good luck, and play well!” She encouraged me.
“ I will!” I laughed, to loosen up a bit. When we got up to the room, the girl went before me, and I waited. Then finally it was my turn. I walked in, and greeted the judge + gave her my music, and the rest of it was pretty much a blur, except for… Her congratulating me at the End, and saying I played well! I went back down to see my mom, and we’ll see what score I got, tomorrow!

Day 12: “Anushri…. Get up!” My brother said laughing, while towering over me in my bed. I woke up with a start and screamed, “ Can’t you see I’m trying to sleep here, You’re so annoying!” I was pretty grumpy, for a little while after that. And… you know why, I soon remembered that today was the start of “Day Light Saving Time” which ends in November and starts in March, during March at 2:00 A.M. in the morning on a sunday, the clocks forward to an hour ahead, and in November, also on a Sunday, the clocks change to an hour behind. So today I got 1 less hour of sleep, I woke up, actually at 11:30, when I thought it was 10:30. But right now, I’m not really tired, so i’ll get used to it.


Day 13: BLEEP! BLEEP! BLLEEPP! My alarm rang at 7:15 this morning, I moaned, and got up to shut it off. I then, took my phone off the alarm, and started to get back in bed. Suddenly, I got a glimpse of the window. It was still dark outside, and whenever it is dark my brain is channeled to know that I sleep when it is dark, and I am awake when it was light. I’ll get back to that in a minute, but for now…. So, I turned my ringer + volume down on my phone, and put it under my pillow, it rang again at 7:20, and 7:25, but I turned those off. I then slept through my next 2 alarms, set for 7:35, and 7:40. Now this is where the dark channeling comes back in, I was sleeping because of that same reason. And, you won’t believe this, when I finally woke up, It was STILL dark! By the way, the only way I woke up was when my mom was like, “ What’re you doing, it’s already 8:45!” I woke up, and said “what?!?” Then I realized “IT’S 8:45!!!!!!” I quickly ran and got ready for school, luckily my bus came 20 mins late, this morning. I would have STILL  been sleeping if my mom hadn’t woken me up. On the bottom line, I woke up, at 7:45, when I was supposed to wake up at 7:15!

Author #3
The bus lurched and the chatter stopped for a moment as people said goodbye.  The next stop was my friend, Emma’s.  I looked at her and realized that she had hardly said a word the whole bus ride here so far.  
“Emma, why are you so quiet?”  Rhea said in a fake indian accent.
“It’s nothing,”  Emma said in a small voice.
“Emma, what’s wrong?”   I asked quietly so that Rhea couldn’t hear.  She didn’t respond for a while, and I gave her a hug.  I had known her since preschool, I knew how she acted when she was sad.  Emma whispered something I couldn’t hear.
“What?”  I asked softly and leaned in closer to her.
“My cousin’s grandpa’s in a coma,”  Emma whispered, barely audible.
“Oh my god, Emma,”  I pulled her into a hug and she melted into my shoulder.  This surprised me, because she didn’t usually like hugs.  She finally pulled away and I realized she was crying.  Rhea looked over, opened her mouth as if she was about to say something, took one look at Emma’s face and stopped.  Emma wasn’t known as a very sentimental person.  She got up to leave and I called softly, “Text me if you need too.”  She gave me a sad smile and walked off of the bus.

“Come on, this way,”  I called to Emilian, Arnish and Daniel.  I picked my way through the forest.  I came to a downed tree and climbed onto it.  I stood there for a moment and jumped off, landing with bent knees.  I dusted off my hands and continued on.  I knew the way perfectly now, but not for a good reason.  There was a bad, bad reason: beavers.  People don’t know how harmful beavers can be.  They chop down trees, flood your yard and destroy habitats.  That was what had happened, and everybody thought it was sooo cool that they had built a dam, so they all wanted to see it.  I rolled my eyes and kept walking.  I stopped at the water’s edge.  There it was, the cause of all this destruction.  I wanted to smash it-to wreck it until it was all swept downstream.  Nothing could stop my fury, but I knew there was nothing I could do.  Nothing at all.

Author #4
Day 12:
I woke up and came downstairs. My mom was starting to make the pasta for my sister's birthday party. “Hey Julia can you help decorate the cupcakes,” my mom asked me as she grabbed the pasta sauce from the cabinet. I found the cupcakes, and got the jellybeans and marshmallows. I carefully put 10 jellybeans on each cupcake and in the middle I took a bunny marshmallow and put a toothpick in it than stuck it in the center. I repeated this pattern until I was done. After I finished the cupcakes they looked perfect!

Day 11:
"Mom lets go, the party starts soon," I said as I got in the car. My sister was having a little hissy fit with my mom so I had to stay in the car and wait for it to finish for like 10 minutes. It was now 4:23 and the party starts at 5:00. All I have time to do is go home, get dressed, and leave. At 4:24 we left. I ran into my house and found some clothes upstairs and threw it on. Than I came downstairs took her present and quickly made a card for her. When I got to her house I was only 5 minutes late!

Author #5
3/11/16- Pictures
I held my head high as I strode into the media center at my school. I was a second place winner in the National PTA Reflections Contest and I was getting my certificate. All of the participants and winners were going down to get their pictures taken. I was so proud of myself. I had written a creative poem about riding a kite to school. And it was a pretty good poem I thought to myself as I walked excitedly to the back of the library. I was in a thin, denim dress with leggings underneath. I also had glossy black flats on my feet. My shiny, blonde hair was let down and bounced with every step. And my eyes were bright. Once they lined us up in height order, they sat us down on the floor, some of us in the back standing. I was sitting. “Alright, one, two, three!” The photographer said as he snapped a few pictures. Snap! Flash! Was what I noticed. With a few clicks of the camera, the photos were taken and we were done. And with my certificate, I gladly walked down the school hallways, and back to my classroom.

3/13/16- Spotlight
There’s Caitlyn! I thought, smiling. Me, my mom and my brother were at our friend’s school play. They were performing Peter Pan and my friend was a pirate. I watched as the actors danced around the small stage. My heart picked up the beat of the music and I was tempted to clap, but that would be rude I thought, straightening in my seat. I brushed my hair back with my hands and put them in my lap. I sighed contently and nudged my glasses on my nose. I watched the spotlight move from side to side of the stage. I can’t wait to watch the rest of the play!

3/14/16- Green Screen
“Okay ready!” I called to Kimberly, a school iPad in my hands. We were in the computer lab, and a big piece of green fabric was pinned to the whiteboard. My friend, Kimberly, stood in front of the fabric and sat down. What were we doing? We were making Green Screens. And I was taking Kimberly’s picture in the Adirondack Mountains. She had just taken a picture of me next to the Great Nor’Easter, a roller coaster in Wildwood. “Smile and pose!” I looked out from behind the camera to inspect the screen. Kimberly was sitting near a pile of rocks in the picture. It was perfect! I snapped the picture on the iPad and waved her over. “Whoa, that looks great!” She said enthusiastically. “Let’s go make another one!”

Author #6

POST #12-Lazy sundays lead to boring mondays!
Monday’s are boring!Monday’s are when the fun weekend ends and school starts for another week!I mean I sort of enjoy school somehow but dislike some parts of it!Today of course was a lazy sunday leading to another boring monday.I mean some highlights would be art and stuff like computers.On sundays I might see my art teacher Ms.Bladel because she goes to the same church as me and sometimes does not come.Today we skipped church because my dad was busy and not that energetic and awake to go.My mom just wanted to sleep.So today I did pretty much nothing but watch youtube and stuff.I just watched a few movies and slept a bit.Thats why sundays are lazy and mondays are boring!

Author #8
Day 6 today i had bball game and i was up at bat my Coach told me to hit the ball the the right center gap the first pitch was a outside strike and it was a 0-1 count the next pitch was a ball 1-1 the next pitch was a ball again next was a strike and next was a ball making the count 3-2 the pitcher was in his windup and let the ball go it was a little outside but the ump was calling them strikes all day so i sung and a line drive to right center field i got to second base and i clapped i ended up scoring and we crushed them   22-1!

Author #9
I was playing this cool game of minecraft called pixelmon and it is the minecraft version of pokemon

I watched dumb and dumber today with my friends and we were cracking up and crying with laughter.

Today I am going to my friends house after school I hope that we will make some football plays.

Our new authors this week!

Author #10

3/14/16 Narrative essay

Today has been a very cool day unlike friday.TODAY while I was playing Magic fingers: Domination with connor,vlad,arnav,joseph,bubba and rocco.I trolled vlad so much!!  Anyway While in school I had to go to lessons during math and got to do a greenscreen picture during technology class.Soooooooo……...THE END!

3/11/16 Narrative essay

Today has been a boring day because I basically nothing.Nothing happened in the Picture time.Nothing happened in Music time but Jason was a really good role model in music and everybody did what jason did.But other than that it was pretty much a boring day.Though I am really hungry for lunch and I do not know what will happen Recess.I hope I will not get out of the team and I hope I help the team!

Author #11
Day 1 - 3/11/16

Today during recess in soccer I was playing midfield and as i got the ball I went down the left side I passed 2 people then I cut in and someone tripped me but I got up really fast then someone stole the ball and ran down they almost scored but jason blocked it. Then later some on the other team scored and then we were down 1-0. ANd then it was a penalty kick and the ball hit me in the stomach and then that's when the whistle blew. We had lost.

Day 2 - 3/13/16

Today was a normal saturday  from the start. After I got up i was busy till 3:30. Then I had a snack . TOday when I played outside I passed to the ball to my friend who crossed it back then I spun past a slide tackle then passed it to him. Then when he got it he shot and the goalie deflected it and then then retaliated and then scored than we shot the ball past their goalie and scored. Then since my friend had to go home and everyone else had already gone home I decided to go home

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  1. There are so many talented young authors in your room, Julia! What a pleasure to read these.

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