Sunday, March 6, 2016

Day 6 Slice of Life Classroom Challenge

Day 6!

Author #2
Day 6 “Romeo” I call for my dog. “Why is he not coming” I thought. I already tried yelling for him. I rubbed his belly and behind his ears. I was so sad. He usually comes up and jumps on my bad and I rub him till I am tired. Then he goes and I fall asleep. I am getting tired and I slowly fall asleep.
I wake up hearing Romeo barking and he comes trotting up to my room and licks me. I rub him a lot. “I guess it was just that night” I thought.

Author #4

Day 6:
    “Hey Julia, do you want to make some crepes today’” my mom asked me as she walked in the room. “Sure I said as I stood up from my couch. I took out the crepe recipe and grabbed a big bowl. I put 6 eggs and 2 ½ cups of water in the bowl mixed with 1 package of crepe powder and mixed it up, meanwhile my mom was cutting strawberries in ½ and emptying it in a bot with sugar so that we could make caramel strawberry stuff to put in the crepes. My mom turned on 2 parts of the stove, one for the strawberries and the other one for the crepe. My mom made the crepe while I made whipped cream and the crepe. It was delicious.
Day 5:
    “Thump thump thump,” went my feet as I walked downstairs. I walked over to the couch and sat down on the part closest to the power outlet. We were watching a TV show, but my mom was upstairs looking for a curling iron to do my hair for the father daughter dance. First she put the top half of my hair in a ponytail kind of thing and the remaining hairs she curled. Then I ran back upstairs and put my dress on. After I came back down stairs my sisters my dad and I gathered to take a photo. I'm pretty sure that was the first time I didn't blink when a picture with a flash was being taken!

Author #5
Dance Party
    I was at the junior gala, the party for my dance school of ballet. It had been a long day of performing and dancing, but I was ready for food and more dancing! The lights were dimmed, and all the dancers were were sitting quietly and eating the food provided. I was at a circular table with the girls in my level of dance, and I was staring at the dance floor. I was done eating, and I was tempted to get up and go to the dance floor. the D.J. was starting the music, all popular from the radio. And finally, when everyone was done eating, we were ready to dance!
    We walked out excitedly and the music volume was slowly raised. Girls whooped and shouted approvingly. I smiled and laughed. We all began jumping and doing all of our favorite moves, as we were in the middle of the small circle that was forming around us. I couldn’t wait for the party to start!

Author #6
POST #6-Furniture
Today I woke up at exactly 9:00am.I was supposed to go to the science fair at 10;00 to see the booths but missed it!After that we grabbed breakfast at Starbucks and sat and ate for a while.After a while we went to Ashley furniture store to look for furniture for my parents bedroom.We found an awesome sofa and bed frame but didn’t end up buying it.My parents decided to look in other places first.The next stop:Raymour and Flanagan!We then ended up in raymour and Flanagan,but still did not buy anything!We found a couple of good sofa’s but nothing else.The next stop:Pier one imports!At pier one imports we found the perfect bed frame for my parents,but we didn’t buy it!We decided to buy it later.Today I got sick and tired of furniture It was frusterating to search and search and search!Well at least we went to Starbucks!

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  1. To #5, That sounds like tons of fun! I hope you had an awesome time!